Slot machine bases

DF Industrial BV has been a supplier of slot machine bases for several decades. With our experience as the supplier of Holland Casino, we have created a good name in the international market.

We strongly believe that slot machine bases are only well designed when the customer’s personal requirements are met. Almost everything is possible!

Our bases are known to be very durable, maintenance free and easy to clean. To meet this requirements, the front, top and sides of the compositions are covered with high pressure laminate. This finish can be chosen from product collections of Abet, Formica and many more. Almost every colour and design is possible.

The top front of the base is protected by a metal “nose”. For protection of the corners, it is possible to add several types of pillars to the compositions. The measurements of the base can be custom made to fit your demands. Personalizing the bases with signage and lightning is also an option.


Trim options:

  • Air flow vents through front of base
  • Air flow vents through top of base
  • Protective and/or decorative pillars chrome plated
  • Protective and/or decorative pillars stainless steel
  • Protective and/or decorative pillars gold plated
  • Back lit signage in the door


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